Rev. William Clodfelder served as minister from 1980-1983. His family was his wife Charlotte, (church organist), and adult children Melody and Billy. Rev. Clodfelder was a friend and confidant, pastor, leader, counselor and educator. They welcomed members into the parsonage. He initiated church administration with emphasis on input from lay leaders. It was his idea to start a Woman’s softball team, the Mt. Carmel Candies, to go along with the very successful Men’s softball team lead by parents, David and Martha Dale Quinn, Jim and Ann Wheeler, and John and Donna Chamblin.

They raised money by working together at Wake Forest Football games concession stand. They gave up their vacations to go to Myrtle Beach with the Youth Group each summer. The youth were consistent friends even as they attended different schools to maintain racial balance. Attendance remained high with only traditional Sunday morning service. Sunday School for children and adults were well attended.

After leaving Mt. Carmel, Bill and Charlotte lead groups to Austria and Germany, (for Oberammergau Passion Play in 1990), also went to Switzerland. In 1996 they lead group to “Paths of Paul” around Greece. The Greek Islands and Turkey. In 2000 Bill and Charlotte celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii with another group. These groups were mostly comprised of Mt. Carmel members. They also lead groups to the “Holy Land”.

Written by: Judy Newberry, Church Historian (October 2014)

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