Dear Friends,

As I consider how to tell you about a special need we have at Mt. Carmel, I’m looking out of our front windows and I see the beauty of the dogwoods in bloom, the azaleas blooms just beginning to open, the steady rain falling this week feeding all of the plants, grass and trees. But it’s that pesky rain that we depend on so much to feed and nourish all which God created that is the crux of why I need to ask for your prayerful consideration and help. First off, here in our local community, we should feel blessed that we do not have the same challenges that face some folks on the west coast where there is much in the news concerning the drought and lack of rain. But our situation is different. Let me tell you about our need at Mt. Carmel.

In early 2014 the Trustees Committee informed the Finance Committee of the need to replace the roofs of both the Education Building and the Family Life Center. The flat roof over the Education Building had been patched many times but still had recurring issues with leaks. And we were also beginning to see minor leaks in the Family Life Center roof. Both roofs had long passed their expected usefulness. After the Trustees solicited multiple roof replacement bids and the Finance Committee researched financing options available to Mt. Carmel, the Finance Committee chose to utilize The United Methodist Foundation of the Western North Carolina Conference. This ministry available to UMC churches in North and South Carolina provides both investment opportunities as well as lower than commercial loan interest rates. The Foundation approved our loan application and both roofs were replaced early this year.

The Building Fund Roof Campaign is now officially in place. We borrowed $103,770 from The Foundation to replace both roofs. We need your help in raising the funds to repay this indebtedness to The Foundation. Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing from the pulpit more about this need, receiving in the mail more information and a 3-year pledge card for your prayer-ful consideration and seeing Building Fund Roof Campaign “thermometers” in the Narthex outside the FLC – illustrating our progress. Any and all pledges and contributions will be greatly appreciated. The Building Fund Roof Campaign committee’s goal is to pay off this project in three years or less. Below I have attempted to bring into perspective how all of us working and giving together can help pay our loan off. Do not feel that you have to stay with the guidelines of the examples. These are just suggestions so that each one of us can be a part of this project. For example for our 3-year / 36 month / 156 week campaign we could meet the goal of paying off our $103,770 debt if:

75 families pledged $8.87 a week or 50 families pledged $13.30 a week

75 families pledged $38.43 a month or 50 families pledged $57.65 a month

75 families pledged $461.20 a year or 50 families pledged $691.80 a year

Sunday May 3rd Lynn Harmon will speak to the congregation in both worship services. If you have any questions regarding this need please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the other Building Fund Roof Campaign committee members: Darrell Stal-lard, Lynn Harmon, Mike Spetz or Terry Fulcher. Early the week of May 3rd, you’ll receive in the mail a letter and a 3-year pledge card. We ask that you pray about this and return your pledge on or before Sunday June 14th.

Thank you for taking your time to review this important information. There are just four steps to this building fund project becoming a success. First, ask God for guidance in this endeavor. Second, discuss this with your spouse / family. Third, decide what your personal sacrifice will be, keeping in mind that this sacrificial giving will be over and above your present pledge toward our general budget. And fourth when you receive the pledge card mailing, fill out the pledge card to inform the church of your commitment. Your gifts to this building project could be made in ‘honor of’ or in ‘memory of’ a family member or friend.

Your Friend in Christ,

Charlie Shore

Mt. Carmel Building Fund Roof Campaign Committee Member

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