Why did I choose to come to and join Mt. Carmel when we moved to Winston-Salem in March 1969?

  1. I liked the location. It was nearby and set atop a high hill.
  2. The little white church was quaint and comfortable to me. It reminded me of the Methodist church in my home town in northern Illinois.
  3. The Sunday School teachers were warm and friendly. They welcomed my sons who were six and four years old at the time. They were teaching much needed morality and that Jesus loved them.
  4. Lay leaders and members were examples of Christian behavior and what I wanted to pattern my life after. It was obvious they loved their church and family and friends who attended Mt. Carmel.
  5. I liked there was a beautiful softball field to play on and enjoy friendly competition. (my sister played for the Rockford Peaches).
  6. My neighbors attended and invited me to come to church.
  7. Rev. F.W. Dowd Bangle was a very caring minister. Few would say his sermons were oratorical master pieces. He would come by for friendly visits. He was a leader and organizer. He brought Duke students for summer youth programs, and the Scouting program to Mt. Carmel. He knew all members personally. He sympathized with their suffering and celebrated their successes.

In 1970 visiting was more acceptable than it is today. I sold Avon beauty products going door to door. A surprising number would open their doors and say, “Come in”. Others would say, “Go away, I don’t want any”. For the ones who invited me in, it was the mutually beneficial. I will long remember the wonderful people I got to know better by visiting them in their homes.

The church I grew up in and became a member, had a large beautiful stained glass window that the morning son radiated through. It depicted Christ at the door knocking. There is no knob for Christ to open the door. It is up to us to open the door to Christ and say, “Come in”.

By Judy Newberry, Church Historian

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