Thanksgiving is a strange holiday. I never realized how uniquely North American it was until one year when our friends visited us from the United Kingdom on the last Thursday in November. They wanted to know what to expect. “Oh,” I explained, “it’s a day when everyone gives thanks for the abundance of what we have (and I just had to add, for our independence from England!); where we feast of turkey fit for a king; and we either watch a football game or go shopping after the meal.”

That may be our modern practice of Thanksgiving, yet the original day of thanks remembers the pilgrims landing in Plymouth in 1621. Thanksgiving was a solemn time to remember those who didn’t live through the voyage or that brutal first year of settlement. It was also a time to remember and give thanks to God for those who lived. It began as a deeply spiritual observance.

There is a saying, “when the praises go up, God’s glory comes down!” King David proclaimed it this way: Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” (Psalm 103:2, KJV). It appears we, along with our nation, have forgotten many of God’s benefits. The truth is that Thanksgiving only makes sense when God is at the center.

During the month of November, I want to challenge you to join me in “The Thanks-Giving Project.” Reflect on something new each day and give God thanks. You may want to collect these “blessings” in a jar. Combine this with a daily offering and at the end of the month give it to a new ministry or bless someone else in the process.

We have so much to thank God for at Mt. Carmel. On Nov.1st we will be celebrating our 122nd year as a congregation in our annual Homecoming Service. Our District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Patterson will be our guest speaker at the eleven o’clock service. We will be remembering and giving thanks for all the saints who have lived before us and have gone on ahead of us. Plan to stay for the fellowship meal after the service as we give thanks for the continued gift of being a part of the family of God. I can’t wait to see how much God’s “glory comes down as our praises go up” this month!

With Much Love AND Thanksgiving,


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