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Mt. Carmel UMC Super Bowl Food Drive 2016. Collections will be distributed to our neighborhood Crisis Control Ministries in Winston-Salem, NC. Let’s “keep pounding” North Carolina!


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Super Bowl Food Challenge Results between Mt. Carmel UMC (NC) and Central UMC (CO) are in. Mt. Carmel won the challenge by bringing in 1729 food items and $450 in donations for a total of 2,179.

Central UMC gave us a run for our money in spite of their “snowpacalypse” and brought in 988 food items and $220 in donations. We are still waiting to hear the results from the Western NC Annual Conference. But the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference has already reported their stats at 360,664 donations, with more than 140 sites reporting.

This is triple what we raised in 2014 with 80 sites. It will be donated to food pantries in the communities where it was raised. We want to thank everyone who participated in this challenge. Both teams made a valiant effort! The real winners of course are the lives of the people who will benefit from these donations.


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