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Pastor’s Article for August: GO BIG!

“Go BIG or Go Home” is increasingly becoming my motto in life. For me it means we give God our best gifts. We do even the smallest things BIG for God. I just visited the world’s largest Noah’s Ark last week in Williamstown, KY. This 510 foot ark is the largest timber frame structure in the world. The Ark has had a lot of criticism from anti-religious groups. They believe it crossed the line of “separation of church and state” when the project received tax incentives to help support this $120 million tourist attraction. But founder Ken Ham believes the Ark will deliver a big boost to the local economy. Ham also hopes the Ark will be a BIG witness God’s Word which tells of His great love for the world.

Is there a way to “go BIG” for God, and resist looking like materialistic culture around us? We can look at Jesus as our example. Jesus made the most of His life here on earth. Jesus made the most of every opportunity to teach us how to be His disciples in the world. Jesus made the most of every relationship to draw people back to God. Jesus made the most of every moment to bring glory to the Father in Heaven. Jesus was able to live His life to the fullest because He never lost sight of how BIG God’s love is for the world. Jesus promised to those who loved Him, they would do even “greater things” for God in the world. (John 14:12).

I am so appreciative of the BIG things you have done for God this year: sponsoring almost a dozen pilgrims on the Emmaus Walk, sending out many mission teams, renovating the Gathering Room and Annex House, setting a goal to raise $10,000 to dig a well in Kenya, preparing meals for New Story Homeless Shelter, winning the Super Bowl Food Drive contest, making the most book bags in the district for the UM Women, hosting over 70 adults in a Lay Witness Mission, opening up your homes for cottage prayer meetings and Backyard Bible Studies, giving away significant funds for college scholarships, and supporting 60 kids in our first Drama Day Camp.

Hopefully these big things will increase our faith, our joy, and bring us closer as a family of God. Hopefully these big things will bring others to Christ and reflect God’s greater glory in the world. As we begin our second year together, I wonder what new BIG things God has in store for us at Mt. Carmel?

Go Big for God,


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