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For elementary kids (K-5th grades) will be meeting on Wednesdays after school during the school year. Kids will be welcomed by some caring adults from 2:30pm until 6:00pm. Activities will include snack and recreation time, help with homework, and being a part of a community music-arts-drama club at 4:00-5:00pm. (We will begin meeting on the Wednesday after Labor Day and working on a Christmas play this Fall.) The program is free but spaces are limited to 24 kids. Parents or guardians will need to arrange pickup and drop off of your kids. Please contact the church office at @ 336-788-4183, look us up on Facebook or the web, or email Ann Farthing (

1. Please complete, sign and date page 1 of the form. Keep page 2 for your records.

2. Return the form prior to the deadline of September 30, 2016. In the event we do not have at least 10 registrants, we have the right to cancel this event one week out. We will let you know by the end of the day on September 30, 2016.

3. Mail completed forms to: Mt. Carmel UMC, 4265 Ebert Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27127.

4. For more information, contact Mt. Carmel UMC at 336-788-4183 or FAX us at 336-788-1013 or you can email us at

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Children are born with an innate sense of wonder and faith that is real and authentic. As teachers and leaders our role is to provide a foundation of experiences on which children build a life of learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith. Safe Sanctuaries leaders of the church to keep the children and youth safe.

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