Love People to Jesus and into the Family of God!

Wow! God has a wonderful year ahead for Mt. Carmel! Some of our committees and leadership teams have met last month to make ministry plans for this year. One of the “themes” that kept coming up in these planning sessions is how we as a congregation can encourage and build up children and their families to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Years ago our church leaders wrote down our mission statement based on Matthew 5:14: “As God’s light on the hill we worship, witness, make disciples for Jesus Christ and express his love to all.” Last week at our leadership day apart we prayed over that and came up with a more simple version for this year: “We want to be a light on the hill to draw people to the love of Jesus and into the family of God.” Our focus is two-fold: to draw people to the love of Jesus by loving people, and to be intentional in the way we want to adopt people into the family of God.

It seems like now more than ever this is a critical prayer to pray as many families in our nation are dealing with brokenness and isolation. I believe at the heart of us all we want to belong in a healthy and loving family. We have many parents and their children coming on our campus weekly for scouts and our after school ministry. What a wonderful opportunity to do what Jesus did when he “took the children in His arms, placed His hands on them, and blessed them.” (Mark 10:16). As the Body of Christ, we have the humble and yet amazing privilege of blessing God’s children big and small! How exciting is that?

I am reminded that years ago many of our church family had this kind of compassion to love people into the family of God. Your love was so contagious that it caused you to step out on faith and build a bigger sanctuary, add on a two story Sunday School wing, and then complete a family life center. What would happen if we have that same heart cry today! Will you join me in praying this prayer everyday this year, “Lord Jesus, help us love your children and their families enough to bring them to you this year! If God can do it in your past, God can surely do it again! I can’t wait to love people like Jesus. What about you?

In Christ,

Published by Mount Carmel United Methodist Church
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