Addendum to Church History

August 8, 1975:  Paul Abraham house located at ball field was donated to the church. It was used by the Scouts and the softball teams. It had working bathrooms. It was also used for donations of food and clothing while Rev. Doug Hochmont was the minister.  It was closed secondary to little usage. Mike Queen supervised the donation center. Scouts were not able to secure their equipment at the Scout Hut. They relocated to the 2nd floor of the Educational building.

1970”s:  Raymond and Edith Hill purchased Paul Abraham’s land that is now the ball field.  Volunteers lead by James Pope constructed the softball field. It was used by the Mt. Carmel Men’s and Women’s teams. Rev.  Bill Clodfelter started the Women’s Softball Team in 1982.

1998:  The driveway that went through the Cemetery was relocated to its present position going into Clemmonsville Road. Directly.

1998:  Rev Lee Ellis was responsible for remodeling the sanctuary. Original lighting was replaced with chandeliers, new carpeting, the choir was moved from left side of the sanctuary to the center stage.


The land was donated by the Patterson family when the church was first started. The very first burial was baby Walton. The second was Susan Spach. These graves are closes to Ebert Road.  Rev. Jacob Patterson’s grave is also in the same area.

Alston Evans constructed the cemetery. In 1983 it was becoming very difficult to dig graves into the solid rock. The rock had to be removed and replaced with dirt so new grave could be dug more easily.


1992:  The black iron fence was donated by Polly Sink Evans in memory of a loved one. Fulton Synder also donated in memory of his grandmother.

1998:  Marilynn and David Patterson donated the Barlette Pear trees that line the driveway. The cemetery arch and gates were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Harp in memory of Robert Q. Harp

2003:  Columbair with 16 cripts was constructed.  The Flagpole was donated.

2011:  Brick columns for the entrance were donated in memory of Lonnie Lineback by his daughter and her husband, Randy, and Lisa Barney.

Benches were donated by Ralph and June Carroll.

By Judy Newberry, Church Historian

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