Welcome to Mount Carmel’s 125th anniversary. Judy Newberry is our church historian. She has also served as Chairman of our Church Council for the last 3 years and has witnessed first hand the dedication and quality of all the leaders here at Mt. Carmel. We hope you enjoy her story she shared with us.

Mt. Carmel church was founded in 1893. The Faw family donated the acre of land for the 1st church. The Patterson family donated the land for the cemetery. Most were farmers. Rev. Jacob Patterson was the preacher. (David Patterson is a direct descendant of Rev. Patterson. He and his wife are examples of how to live a life dedicated to the glory of God our redeemer and savior.

It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words. You will find the life-sized portrait of Rev. Patterson, and a photo of the Faws to his left. Along with the pictures are articles about the buildings that have been built to replace a sanctuary that burned down and others to accommodate the growing congregation.

Ministers and lay leaders have built these structures to worship, praise, educate, raise the next generations to the glory of God and to the Methodist tradition. Many worked to raise money to pay off the mortgages. Some of our past Chairman’s of Finance Committed Chairman were Fleat Kimel, John Fender, and C.O. Setzer.

Duke Endowment has given our church $10’s of thousands. The Duke brothers electrified, built textile mills, and started to manufacture tobacco products on a large scale. They owe their success to their father, Washington, and he, in turn, owed everything he learned to a Methodist Circuit Rider who visited with his family
frequently. (I have an article on James Buchanan Duke posted with Church Directories from 1992 and 1995).

Building character and Christian values have been equally as important as the buildings. Building lives to learn love, faith, hope, forgiveness, how to pray, to know we have a Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ who loves us.

I remember well why I choose to become a member of Mt. Carmel. The Sunday School teachers all glowed with the perfect love of Jesus Christ. Lib Smith, Mary Barker, Jane Mellor, Patty Doyle, Beverly Miller, and others.

It is historic to have Rev. Jeffery Sypole to return to Mt. Carmel along with his wife Laurie who I had the pleasure of knowing in the Disciple Bible Sunday School class in the 1990s. Rev. Kerhoulus was the minister at that time.
The class was taught by Steve Flora and Ferlin Frye. Jeff decided to become a minister while at Mt. Carmel. The guest speaker for our 100th anniversary was Rev. Rob Fuquay. Rob is the son of Bob and Julie Fuquay. He too decided to go into the ministry when he was here at Mt. Carmel. Julie is my Sunday School teacher in the Montsinger class.

Many members here are better historians than I am. Joan and Terry Fulcher. David Patterson, L.A. and Jean Kimel Topping, Roger Gordon, Edgar, and Beverly Miller, to name a few.

By Judy Newberry, Church Historian



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