Advent Worship Series

We live in the world of sin and are subject to the pain, hardship, and separation it can bring, we need to be reminded of Jesus – the Light of the World who stepped down into darkness – every Christmas. Each year we need a new “Noel.” The word “Noel” comes from the Latin word, ”nasci” or ”nativity,” which means “to be born, newborn, or new birth.” We need a “new noel” – new eyes to see Jesus born in us. I want to encourage you to join us in worship for the next 4 Sundays of Advent as we seek to have a fresh encounter with the Savior of the world. Jesus is eagerly awaiting our visit! Come and see what God has done to restore our hope, our peace, our joy, and fill us with His love May our peering once again in the manger leave us with a new sense of purpose and calling to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

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