The United Methodist Women presented the Chrismons they had made over the last year. They used a skit to tell how they decided to raise money to buy and to get together to make the beautiful creations. They worked over the whole year making the ornaments from beads of pearls and gold strung together to make Christian symbols. The funds to make them were raised by “Memorials” and “In Honor” of loved ones. They set aside a time and place to get together to help each other learn to do the intricate, and artistic symbols after initially going to “Rufty’s. They made a total of 88 ornaments. (You should have seen how beautiful our tree looked once it was lighted and the ornaments shown brightly).

Christian symbols were used to communicate to the early Christians the story and ideals of their belief and our Christian doctrine today. Members of the two UMW circles, the Faye Kiger, and the Amy Shields displayed ten different symbols and told of their meaning. 1. The Triunde God, 2. The Serpent, 3. Stars, 4. Wreaths and Hearts, 5. Angels, 6. Descending Dove and Fish, 7. Cross, 8. Gospels, 9. Butterflies, 10. Crown and Staff represents Jesus Christ the King.

Hymns that were sung, “Emmanual”, “Lift Up Your Heads Ye Mighty Gates”, “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”, “People Look East”, “Low How a Rose is Blooming”, and Closing Hymn was, “Love Divine all Love Excelling”.

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