Mt. Carmel has a new group that has been formed. Pastor Mary Miller encouraged Ferlin Frye and Karen Sizemore to organize the 22 members who have been on the Walk to Emmaus. They started by getting together to make “Agape” gifts for the September Men’s and Women’s Walks at Camp Maranatha in High Point. They had about five planning meetings to determine the best time and place and meeting format.  

 The group meets one Sunday each month after church for sandwiches and other finger foods. Guest speakers have been invited. They share their experiences on how the Walk has impacted their lives and relationships with Christ, their families, friends, and co-workers.  Anyone interested in getting more out of worship; walking closer to Christ, improving your prayer life, or attending the Walk to Emmaus is welcome to attend. We had seven guests at our January meeting.

The Roman Catholic Church started what they called Cursillo in 1944 in Cala Figuera on island off Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea. By 1949 the movement was gaining popularity and growing throughout Europe. By 1961 it was introduced to the United States. They used the expression, “Be a friend, make a friend, bring a friend to Christ” in the Cursillo retreats. Other religious denominations adopted the program. In 1981 the Methodist Church changed the name to the Upper Room Walk to  Emmaus. It relates to Luke 24:13-35 when two disciples meet the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus.  In 1984 they started a retreat for youth called Upper Room Chrysalis.

Two of our members completed the Catholic Cursillo Walk:  Steve Sink and Karen Sizemore. Pastors Mary and Doug Miller completed the Walk in West Virginia at the Kanawha Valley, Pastor Jim Stalnaker did Sea Side Emmaus. We have had a good portion of our Mt. Carmel members attend the Piedmont Emmaus Walk at Camp Maranatha in High Point, NC. Their names are:  Rick Sizemore, Tonya Stone, Doris Darnell, Ann Farthing, Ferlin Frye, Randi Frye, Lynn Harmon, Diane Harmon, Edgar Miller, Joe Miller, Eliud Muriungi, Elizabeth Muriungi, Debbie Nelson, Judy Newberry, Jesse Stalnaker and Brenda Walburn.

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