We will be serving by drive-thru from 11:00 am—1:00 pm on Friday, November 13. 11:00 am—7:00 pm on Saturday, November 14 (or until the food is gone)

**Business orders of 20 or more plates can be delivered. Please place business orders by calling the church at 1-336-788-4183 before Thursday, November 12 by 1:00 pm. Thank you.

Adult Plates: $10.00 (Plates include: BBQ, slaw, beans, & bun) Child’s Plate: $5.00
BBQ Sandwich: $3.75
BBQ by the Pound: $10.00 per pound
BBQ Slaw: $2.50 per pint
Beans: $2.50 per pint
Dozen Buns: $2.75

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