Tim McGraw performs “Humble And Kind”

Country music star Tim McGraw sings “Humble and Kind” in the music video.

What does country music star Tim McGraw have in common with the editor of a 19th century Methodist magazine?

They both like to convey simple, heartfelt instructions through their work.

James R. Parkinson, the editor of The Primitive Methodist Magazine for 1869, wrote an article titled “Devout Contemplations” on the life and words of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.

He wrote that readers should draw inspiration from the actions of Jesus, especially when he washed the feet of his disciples before the Last Supper.

“This act,” writes Parkinson, “should teach Christians to be… humble and kind to each other, not to disdain the meanest work if we can thereby benefit each other.”

This same sentiment is found in McGraw’s latest single “Humble and Kind,” written by Nashville songwriter Lori McKenna.

McGraw describes the song as both advice to one’s children and a source for personal inspiration.

“It’s certainly a letter to your kids in a lot of ways,” the singer said in an online interview. “But it’s also something that I think about from hearing the song and recording the song. It’s something you always you work on – humility, kindness, patience,” he said.

McGraw recorded the song after one daughter went off to college, another was getting ready to graduate, and a third was just entering high school.

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