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The Beginning – November 1, 1893, The church is organized in an old dwelling house near the present church site.

The nine charter members were:

1. Rev. J. C. Patterson
2. Mrs. Annie (J. C.) Patterson
3. A. C. Patterson
4. C. P. Patterson
5. Mrs. Jane (C. P.) Patterson
6. Mrs. Jennie Patterson Shutt
7. Mrs. Sallie Patterson Dillon
8. John E. Faw.
9. Mrs. Sarah (J. E.) Faw

The officers elected to serve the new church were:

Class Leader: J. C. Patterson
Trustees: A. C. Patterson
C. P. Patterson
John Willard

  • January 6, 1894 The building site was selected. John E. Faw gave one acre of land on which the Church was built. J. C. Patterson gave an acre for the cemetery. The building committee selected included:

J. E. Faw
A. H. Patterson
C. A. Spaugh
C. P. Patterson, treasurer

  • February 22, 1894 The corner stone was laid by the pastor, the Rev. N. M. Modlin, assisted by the
    Rev. L. L. Albright and C. P. Patterson.
  • April 27, 1894 The first service held in the incomplete building was a prayer meeting, led by Rev. J. C. Patterson. He used the 93rd Psalm. The first song, “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” was led by C. R. Snyder.
  • April 29, 1894 The Rev. N. M. Modlin preached the first sermon using the text: “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world”.
  • May 6, 1894 A Sunday School was organized and J. C. Patterson was the Sunday School Superintendent.
  • August 4-9, 1894 The first Protracted Meeting was held. There were nine conversions. The Rev. J. N. Garrett preached.
  • November 17, 1895 The Church was dedicated by Rev. J. L. Micheauz, D.D. The total cash outlay had been less than $100. All other labor and materials had been donated by church members and friends.
  • Date Unknown Mt. Carmel was placed on the Yadkin College Circuit with seven other Churches.
  • July 28-31, 1898 The District Conference was held at Mt. Carmel.
  • April 3, 1906 The church was painted as a cost of $86.60. The money was raised by Mrs. Polly Evans and Mrs. Sarah Faw.
  • Fall 1909 The Charge became the Forsyth Circuit of the Methodist Protestant Church.
  • February 11, 1911 An Organ was placed in the church.
  • May 9, 1913 The church was destroyed by lightening. During the summer the services were held in the open air.
  • Spring 1914 The large bell was given by Mrs. Mamie Patterson Spach.
  • September 19, 1915 New church dedicated by Rev. H. L. Powell. A Protracted meeting followed
    with Mr. Powell preaching. There were ten conversions and six accessions.
  • March 2, 1916 Maples were planted by J. F. Evans and S. E. Zimmerman.
  • Fall 1923 A piano replaced the organ.
  • Fall 1924 Christian Endeavor organized.
  • Spring 1926 The new building was started
  • Spring 1927 W. R. Patterson bought and donated to the church additional land for the cemetery.
  • May 29, 1927 The new building was formally opened with a large attendance.
    C. R. Snyder again led the congregation in singing “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”. C. P. Patterson read the 93rd Psalm, which his father had read in the first service. Rev. R. M. Andrews, President of High Point College, and Rev. J. H Moton were speakers for the occasion.
  • October 16, 1927 The new church was dedicated by Rev. A. G. Dixon, president of N.C.M.P. Conference. J. F. Evans, Chairman of the Trustees, presented the church for dedication.
  • Winter 1927 Church builds the sand clay road by the church. Electric lights were added to the Church at this time.
  • 1935 (?) Sunday School Rooms for the Children’s Department were built in the basement of the church. A kitchen was built and furnished by the Ladies Aid Society.
  • November 1938 Mrs. J. F. Evans gave a piece of land south of the church for a drive, bought from Ralph Faw for $150.
  • Fall 1939 After unification of the three Methodist Churches, this charge was called the Forsyth-Maple Springs Charge.
  • July 1941 Ralph Faw gave land for the parsonage and work was begun immediately. The Well was dug, a pump installed and a garden plot bought from Ralph Faw.
  • October 1941 After one year known as the Reeds – Mt. Carmel Charge, it became known as the Mt. Carmel – Pine Grove Charge.
  • January 7, 1942 A new parsonage was occupied by the pastor, Rev. S. B. Nifong.
  • April 2, 1944 The largest class was received into the church; 38 by vows, 27 by letter for a total of 65. This was the fruit of the School of Evangelism conducted by the W.N.C. Conference at High Point.
  • Fall 1947 An oil furnace was installed in the church.
  • 1947 – 1949 New Sunday School class rooms were cut out of the old church building.
  • January 15, 1950 The largest Sunday School attendance to that point was achieved – 257 were present.
  • August 1950 Bathrooms were installed in the church.
  • August 20, 1950 The first Homecoming was held.
    1950 The Annual Conference met in Asheville and made Mt. Carmel a station and Rev. E. Ridge was assigned as pastor.
  • 1950 Bought Pine Grove part of parsonage for $800.
  • 1952 Cement walks were built by the Christian Service Class.
  • 1953 The Christian Service Class installed the chimes.
  • 1954 A new piano was given by Mr. Frank Evans, Mrs. A. G. Turelove, Mrs.David Fultz and Mrs. Lawrence Frye.
  • 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Patterson gave the Baldwin organ.
  • 1955 The Fellowship Hall was built.
  • 1959 The dedication of the Fellowship Hall and groundbreaking for the new education building by Pastor Rev. J. W. Lasley and former pastor Rev. C. E. Ridge.
  • 1959 The corner stone for the new Education Building was laid.
  • May 1966 Dedication of the Education Building by Pastor Paul M. Cassell. Bishop Hunt, Dr. Jordan, and Rev. J. W. Lasley, former pastor assisted in the dedication.
  • Easter 1971 The first Easter Sunrise Service was held at Mt. Carmel directed by Rev. Dowd Bangle and assisted by Charles Patterson. April Pope and Benny Ryan carried the communion elements. The United Methodist Men’s Fellowship served breakfast following the service.
  • 1976 – 1977 Floor plans were sent to each member and each were asked to pledge toward a new Sanctuary.
  • March 6, 1977 Was the last Sunday in the old church. This was Girl Scout Sunday.
  • 1977 Construction of the new Sanctuary began – Rev. Jim Allred was pastor.
  • March 26, 1978 The first service in the new church – Easter Sunday with a Sunrise Service was
    held at 6:15 a.m. with over 200 attending. At the 10:30 a.m. worship service there an overflow crowd of 353.
  • 1990 Mt. Carmel bought 4.9 acres of land from Charlie and Alice Layell Ellis.
  • 1991 The old Fellowship Hall was torn down.
  • May 31, 1992 The new Family Life Center was consecrated. Rev. Steven E. Kerhoulas was pastor. Also present was Bishop L. Bevel Jones and District Superintendent James W. Ferree.
  • November 7, 1993 Mt. Carmel celebrates its Centennial Worship Celebration. Mrs. Esther Tesh, our beloved church historian taught the Children’s Sermon. Former pastors Rev. Joseph W. Lasley led the Invocation, Rev. Paul M. Cassell read from Psalm 100, Rev. Steven E. Kerhoulas led the Affirmation of Faith and then current pastor Hal Peacock led the Benediction. Rev. Robert Fuquay Jr, son of Bob and Julie Fuquay, preached the sermon, entitle “Do You See Yourself”. A covered dish luncheon followed worship. Then, following the luncheon, the adult choir performed a ‘MusicFest’. It was a great day in the life of Mt. Carmel UMC. The worship bulletin cover for that day follows:
  • July 1998 The sanctuary is renovated. Improvements include new carpet, pew coverings,altar rail and choir loft relocation.

Pastors Who Have Faithfully Served Mount Camel

Year Service Began Years Served
1893 N. M. Modlin 1
1894 J. R. Walton 1
1895 L. L. Albright 1
1896 J. H. Stowe 3
1899 N. M. Modlin 4
1903 J. H. Moton 5
1908 J. B. O’Bryant 1
1909 Jessie. Jiles 1
1910 D. R. Williams 1
1911 Mansfield Owen 1
1912 S. M. Needham 1
1913 A. D. Shelton 3
1916 J. W. Self 1
1917 C. H. Whitaker 2
1919 W. F. Kennett 2
1921 E. A. Bingham 2
1923 G. L. Curry 4
1927 R. C. Stubbins 3
1930 L. W. Gerringer 1
1931 R. A. Hunter 9
1940 Bryon Nifong 4
1944 Dr. O. B. Mitchell 3
1947 A. W. Wellons 3
1950 C. E. Ridge 5
1955 Tom A. Summey 1
1956 Joe E. Lasley 4
1960 Dave W. Charlton, Jr. 4
1964 Paul Cassell 4
1968 Don W. Ashe 2
1970 F. W. Dowd Bangle 4
1974 Jim Allred 5 ½
1980 William D. Clodfelter 3 ½
1983 Christopher Fitzgerald 4
1987 Steven E. Kerhoulas 6
1993 Hal Peacock 1
1994 E. Lee Ellis 5
1999 Kenneth R. Eller 4
2003 Joe Collins 6
2009 Doug Hochmuth 2 ½
2012 Chuck Halipilias 3 1/2
2015 Dr. Mary Miller to present

Total Years Served: 129

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