Personal information requested: Please use the following options.

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Church Name – “Mt. Carmel UMC”
  • City – “Winston-Salem”
  • District – “Yadkin Valley”
  • Pastor’s Name – “Rev. Dr. Mary Miller”
  • Donation Amount –The dollar amount of the tithe to Mt. Carmel
  • Donation Designation (optional input) – suggested donation designation of “Offerings”

Once the giver enters their personal information and clicks the submit button, the giving portal is opened up for the completion of the transaction.

“I’d Like to Give By” information requested:

  •   Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH from givers checking account)
  • Input required in either of these options is based on which method of giving that is selected.
  • Optional checkbox for adding an additional 2.9% to cover the “convenience fee”

Total amount to be tithed to Mt. Carmel UMC is shown plus if the giver chooses to cover the convenience fee that additional amount is shown as well.  Once submitted an email will be sent to the email address provided.

Please Give Online.
All credit card transactions are processed via our secure, encrypted, Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)-compliant processor.
Mt. Carmel UMC Online Giving provided by the WNCC Donations
Please Give Online
Please help our ministry by giving online.
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